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Can I use my satellite phone overseas?
The Iridium network has full global coverage allowing you to use your phone across the globe, on land or at sea. Your Iridium phone will operate at the standard rates with the US, and outside zone call rates outside of the US. Please refer to the coverage maps for details of these zones.
How do I reset my RedPort Optimizer?
Hold down the Reset button on the bottom of the Optimizer for a full 15 seconds. When all the lights are back on and not flashing, the Optimizer as reset.
How do I update the firmware on my RedPort Optimizer?
Download the appropriate firmware for your Optimizer to your computer (you can find your model number on the bottom of your Optimizer) and once saved on your computer then: - Wi-Fi connect to the optimizer (wxa-1xx-xxxx) - Open a browser and go to - Login as Username: superadmin Password: webxaccess - Go to system tab ->Backup/ Flash firmware - Under "Flash New Firmware image" uncheck "keep settings" this is very important if checked. - Browse for the firmware you downloaded from above link "latest-wxa1xx.bin" by clicking "choose file". - Click "Flash image" - Click "Proceed" (this page will die and never refresh). - Wait for Grey Button on the top of the optimizer to start flashing (30 or 40 seconds), when it stops flashing, the firmware is done updating, this will take several minutes.