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We help people and organizations stay connected in remote places and critical times - giving peace of mind and increasing productivity on land and sea. The Pivotel Network connects you to the world's most reliable satellite networks with our own unique ground-based infrastructure and managed services. 

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The Pivotel Network

Global Networks, Local Offices

Satellite communication via our partners is the backbone of Pivotel's network. We work with the world's most trusted satellite operators including Inmarsat, Iridium, Starlink, and more.

Our terrestrial network and managed services are the muscle of our system. We invest in secure direct interconnections and a comprehensive suite of services across carriers and terrestrial interconnects. This guarantees reliable mobile satellite services with lower latency, superior voice quality, and flexible data connectivity options.

Finally, our experienced team members are the flesh and blood who keep you connected. After all, every one of our customers, from personal users through to organisations, industry and government, need us at the most important times. With local sales, support and installatation in Europe, the Americas, and the Philippines, we're never far. 

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Maritime Satellite Internet

Are you looking for reliable maritime satellite Internet services that keep your vessel connected? With Pivotel satellite connectivity, cybersecurity, and network management, you achieve maritime digitalization. Our exclusive Pulsar IO platform manages services and is the key to the hybrid satellite network system we can create for you.

Productivity goes up, costs go down when you can automate routine tasks, monitor vessel performance in real-time, optimize routes to minimize fuel consumption and emissions, and enable remote monitoring and maritime safety protocols. 

Inmarsat Fleet Xpress from Pivotel is our most popular maritime satellite Internet service. Fleet Xpress keeps all kinds of vessels connected, including merchant, cargo, passenger, commercial fishing, offshore support vessels and high-end leisure vessels. 


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Satellite Phones with the Pivotel Advantage

Buy Satellite Phones and satellite phone airtime plans that keep you connected in the places and times you need it most. Pivotel sells satphones and satellite hotspots from Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya

Only Pivotel has built a ground network that gives you access to services like truly local numbers and flexible satellite airtime plans.

  • Local Numbers - Other satellite phones have international numbers or complicated two-stage dialing. With Pivotel your local number is truly local - based on your address
  • Monthly Plans - Monthly service as long as you want it. Keep your number in the off-months for only $5/month, reactivate for free when you want service again
  • Free Incoming Calls on Most Plans - It's free when your colleagues or loved ones call you on most plans - saving you time and money.


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Mobile Satellite Internet

Pivotel is a leading expert in mobile satellite Internet services and trusted by the world's leading enterprises and organizations to improve efficiencies and by governments for satellite elections reporting.

Pivotel's capabilities in providing secure satellite data connectivity and management and trusted elections reporting is based on global and local operations in Latin America, the US, Europe, and beyond. Pivotel uses Iridium and Inmarsat for mobile satellite Internet connectivity with terminals from Thales and Hughes.

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Partner with Pivotel to become an Iridium Dealer and Inmarsat Dealer - with unique advantages for you and your customers.

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