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Can I pay in advance?
Yes, you can pay in advance by credit card/debit card for any amount you would like and this will be applied to your account as a credit balance. Any future invoices will be deducted from your credit balance until the credit runs out. Please call our friendly Customer Care team to arrange on +1 865 379 8723.
How do the plans work? Do I only pay for the calls I make?
You will be charged for calls and usage made from your satellite service. If the plan you have selected has included value, the cost of any calls and text messages will be first deducted from your included value and then any further charges will be invoiced on your monthly account. Incoming call charges apply in certain circumstances and on some plans and call plans may or may not have included value. Please check the details of your call plan.
I have received my first invoice and the charge is more than I was expecting, why is this?
When you activate midway through a current month, the rate is prorated from the date of activation to the end of the month. At the beginning of the next month, you will receive an invoice with the prorated amount for the first month and the full access fee for that month.