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XGate Satellite Phone Email & Data Services
XGate Satellite Phone Email & Data Services

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    Satellite Phone Email & Data Services

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    Why Use XGate?

    Fast and Easy
    XGate satellite phone email is the easy way to access email while on the water or in remote locations. XGate is simply the fastest , easiest and most reliable satellite phone email available , saving you time, money and frustration.

    Save time and money - 95% average data savings
    Without XGate, satellite communication has a lot of hurdles: uncompressed email or web-browsing over slow data speeds means long wait times and expensive airtime bills.

    Dedicated Apps - or your own Email clients
    Use the popular XGate App for Mac, Windows, IOS or Android - or add your XGate account to your existing email client like Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook.

    The Satellite Email Standard
    XGate has been the world's most-widely used satellite email service for over 15 years, with innovative new features and services for satphone users. When you're in satellite coverage areas, you need a proven service you can trust. XGate is that service.

    Works with RedPort Optimizer
    XGate and Optimizer work hand-in-hand to solve all these problems and deliver the perfect suite of satellite communications. It's the easy way to access satellite email, chat services like WhatsApp, and/or manage your onboard network.


    Satellite Phone Email

    With XGate you get all the benefits of a full-featured email service – right over your satellite feed. Mail forwarding and fetching, batch processing, unparalleled compression, crew accounts, vessel tracking, and more.

    Text Only Internet

    With mobile optimized web-browsing you can browse the web with the security of text only websites. Stay current, find information, and get connected - and save on airtime. Visit http://mobile.pivotel.com/ to access popular websites or enter a URL.

    Social Media – Near or Far

    Update SailBlogs, or any platform that accepts email, right from XGate. Now your friends can follow your adventures in real time – you can even post pictures (and benefit from the airtime savings when XGate compresses them down).

    Weather Right To Your Inbox

    Pivotel has marine software solutions for every level of sailor – from weekend cruisers to full time commercial fishermen. Easily get weather forecasting and reporting via XGate - learn how XGate delivers weather information.

    XGate Features

    It’s easy to get started with XGate. Once it’s up and running, you can read and write your emails offline, saving airtime, then simply press a button – XGate will dial your satellite phone for you and hang up when it’s done. If your call drops, XGate can redial and simply pick up where it left off. And only XGate eliminates the back and forth of email protocols before using precious airtime.

    Faster. Cheaper. Better.

    XGate uses only 5% of the data of a standard email program, on average. That means you save up to 95% on satellite airtime costs compared to using your email without XGate.

    Your Email, Your Way

    XGate lets you use either an included XGate address or your own familiar email address and client (such as Outlook or Apple Mail). There are even options to set the send and receive addresses so others see whatever email address you would like to show them.

    Virus Scanning and Spam Filters

    XGate servers scan every message for viruses and SPAM, blocking them before they go over your satellite system, saving you airtime and keeping your machine clean. XGate also has full DES/PGP encryption for optimum security.


    XGate “Bigmail” lets you know when someone sends you a large file, shows you the subject and size, and lets you decide to download it over your satellite connection or wait until you have access to another connection. You get the files you need when you need them, and save the cat videos for later.

    XGate Speaks Your Language

    More than 22 languages available.

    Satellite SMS Notification

    XGate offers satellite SMS notification of new emails via Iridium or Globalstar phones.

    Blogging – Anywhere You Are

    XGate subscriptions of 3 months and up now get a SailBlogs account for free. With XGate and SailBlogs, you can post to your blog from practically anywhere in the world using your satellite phone, while still getting XGate’s excellent compression and optimization.


    Point Weather

    Now XGate subscribers get free marine weather forecasts right on their mobile devices with XGate and your satellite service. The current XGate apps for iOS and Android now provide the compressed weather information you need most via your satellite connection.

    Features Include:
    • Multiple locations: current GPS location, location by airport code, or enter a specific GPS location
    • 3-7 days user-selectable forecasts
    • 1-6 hour display frequency
    • Metric and Imperial measurements support
    • Selectable weather parameters including: temperature, surface pressure, wind speed, wind direction, wave period, wave height, visibility, wave direction, rain, freezing rain, UV index, total precipitation, cloud cover, dew point, perceived temperature, and thunderstorm probability, and more.

    Weather Forecasts and Reporting

    XGate compresses email up to 20x compared to standard email services. This lets you send and receive messages quickly and affordably over satellite and remote cellular services. This means that any regular weather information can be sent to you via email without firing up broadband Internet over a satellite connection, potentially saving you dollars per megabyte and certainly saving you time and headaches.

    Marine Weather Forecasting Center

    Who Uses XGate?

    XGate is perfect for anyone who uses a satellite phone. It works on virtually any system, and lets you get more done in less time, all while saving airtime costs. Whether staying in touch outside of cellular coverage areas, or accessing email for business continuity after a hurricane, earthquake or other natural disaster, XGate has thousands of satisfied users in the following applications:

    • Recreational Cruisers
    • Commercial Maritime
    • Hikers and Expeditions
    • General Aviation
    • Remote Workers


    Subscription Length Pricing
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    24 Months $519.00
    New Account Activation Fee

    For subscriptions 3 months and up


    *Non renewable account. Non renewable XGate accounts are immediately deleted out of the system at the end of their validity period. Renewable accounts (3 months and up) have a 90 day grace period at the end of the validity period before they are deleted out of the system. Renewable accounts can also be put in dormant status for $5 per month to keep the account open and avoid paying an activation fee when XGate is needed again. XGate Point Weather service included at no additional cost.

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    We care about your privacy. For details, see the XGate Privacy Policy.

    Plan Details

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    2-Stage Dialing Per Minute
    Iridium Data Per Minute
    Prepaid Balance Query (2888) Per Minute/Per Message
    SMS (Short Msg Service) Per Message

    2-Stage Dialing is a cost-cutting way of calling to an Iridium phone, from a landline or mobile. Please see our 2-stage dialing instructions for more information about this process.

    More Information
    Brand RedPort
    Coverage Area North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia & New Zealand, Polar Regions
    Plan Term Monthly , Annual , Prepaid, Rental
    Global Rescue No
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