Marine Weather Forecasting and Reporting Over Satellite

"May the wind be always at your back." - Celtic Blessing

Besides the deck under your feet, the wheel in your hand, and the water gliding by, marine weather is the most important tool in any sailor’s toolbox. Without it, you won’t know if that light breeze will turn into a squall or if you’re looking at a perfect day.

Pivotel has marine software solutions for every level of sailor – from weekend cruisers to full time commercial fishermen. Plus, weather happens over land, and we’ve got you covered there, too. Looking for simple weather data? XGate includes a marine weather app for iOS and Android. Need true forecasts and a GRIB file viewer? Look at PredictWind. Want custom fishing or navigation information? Optimizer works with some of the world's leading apps.

Read on to learn how Pivotel can keep you connected with the weather information and forecasts wherever you are.

Marine Weather Forecasting and Reporting Over Satellite

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XGate Weather Services

XGate is the world’s leading independent satellite data service, providing email service and weather information from its start in 2002. It shouldn’t be surprising since the original versions of XGate were literally created on a sailboat in the Caribbean by a pair of liveaboards.

XGate compresses email up to 20x compared to standard email services.

This lets you send and receive messages quickly and affordably over satellite and remote cellular services. This means that any regular weather information can be sent to you via email without firing up broadband Internet over a satellite connection, potentially saving you dollars per megabyte and certainly saving you time and headaches.

Beyond weather, you can also get regular updates via email including news, stocks, sports scores, banking statements and more.

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XGate Point Weather for iOS and Android

XGate subscribers get free marine weather forecasts right on their mobile devices. The current XGate apps for iOS and Android now provide the compressed weather information you need most via your satellite connection, giving you fast, friendly weather information for multiple locations.

Point Weather Features Include:

  • Multiple locations: view your current GPS location, select location by airport code, or enter a specific GPS location
  • 3-7 days user-selectable forecasts
  • 1-6 hour display frequency
  • Metric and Imperial measurements support
  • Selectable weather parameters including: temperature, surface pressure, wind speed, wind direction, wave period, wave height, visibility, wave direction, rain, freezing rain, UV index, total precipitation, cloud cover, dew point, perceived temperature, and thunderstorm probability, and more.
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    XGate with PredictWind Lite

    XGate integrates with the industry-leading PredictWind Offshore weather forecasting service. XGate includes critical weather forecasts at no extra cost for XGate subscribers. And the magic really happens when you upgrade to the premium versions with weather routing and departure planning for a few dollars more per month.

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    PredictWind Weather Forecasting

    PredictWind Weather Forecasting PredictWind is top-of-the-line weather and wind forecasting software with full GRIB file viewer and requester, weather routing, departure planning, and more. Used by tens of thousands of users worldwide, PredictWind is a world leader in marine weather and wind software. While we include PredictWind Lite with XGate, you can purchase it as a standalone service from Pivotel.

    PredictWind Features:

  • Daily Briefing - Gives you an easy to understand written forecast, formulated from all the models PredictWind offers.

  • Forecast Tables - The table shows the forecast in a text format. This is a commonly used format that is easy to understand and shows all the forecast offered by PredictWind for your location.

  • Forecast Graphs - Shows the same information as the table, but in a graphical format. This makes it very easy to compare all the PredictWind forecasts, and graphically view the forecasted trends.

  • Wind Maps - Streamlines - The intensity of the streamlines and colour contours indicate wind strength. Full zoom and pan control of the Map.

  • Wind Maps - Wind Barbs - Traditional wind barbs, colour wind speed gradients and pressure contours. The colour contours represent the wind speed. This is our favourite format. Full zoom and pan control of the map.

  • Wind Maps - Black Arrows - Wind map with the wind direction shown as a plain black arrow to highlight the colour wind speed gradients. The colour contours represent the wind speed. Full zoom and pan control of the Map.

  • CAPE Maps - CAPE stands for Convective Available Potential Energy and is the amount of fuel available to a developing thunderstorm.

  • Gust Maps - Gusts are sudden, brief increases in the speed of the wind. Gusts can do major damage and make boat control difficult, and often more dangerous than a high average wind strength.

  • Wave Maps - The colour gradients show the significant wind wave & swell height, the black arrows the primary wave direction, and the black contours the wave period.

  • Rain Maps - Rain forecast as a blue shading, red for heavy rain, along with wind barbs and pressure contours so you can easily identify frontal systems in the forecast.

  • Cloud Maps - Cloud forecast as white shading. All white is full cloud cover.

  • Isobar Maps - Surface pressure isobar map. This is useful to see the synoptic situation showing the high and low pressure systems.

  • Air Temperature Maps - The colour gradients show the air temperature.

  • Sea Temperature Maps - Sea surface temperature observation. This map show the latest sea surface temperature map derived for satellite data. It is not a forecast, simply shows the latest data with one map.

  • Solunar - Solunar gives you the rise and set of the Sun and Moon along with other details of the lunar cycle.

  • Observations - Over 20,000 Observations globally, on land and at sea. View observations in your area in Map, Table and Graph format.

  • Local Knowledge - PredictWind community resource where you can find and share your local knowledge. Get the local knowledge on all the marinas, anchorages, kite, fishing, dive spots & more. 10 year climate data for all spots. Follow the experts to gain their local knowledge.

    PredictWind Tools:

  • Weather Routing - Find the quickest or safest route on your next trip, and the wind conditions along the route. PredictWind has the world’s finest cloud based weather routing service. Simply drag the start and end waypoints on the map, and the PredictWind server will calculate the fastest route or the safest route for your trip.

  • Ocean Data - See your weather route overlaid on the Ocean currents to see how to best approach areas of current. Compare your routes with the Mercator, RTOFS and HyCom global models and High Resolution currents where available.

  • Departure Planning - What is the best day to depart on your next coastal or offshore passage? You will be spanning different weather patterns, and this powerful tool will quickly summarize the wind conditions you will encounter if you left on Day1, Day2, Day3, or Day4. Simply drag the start and destination waypoints on the map and the weather routing algorithm will summarize the forecast wind data for the next 4 days of departure.

  • Forecast Alerts - Setup your ideal forecast conditions for your specific location and be automatically notified by email or push notification when your ideal conditions are forecasted for your location.
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    Pivotel Free GRIB File Download Service

    We provide an incredibly popular free GRIB file service that has been used by tens of thousands of sailors for more than a decade. GRIB files are highly compressed files bearing weather data that are small enough to be sent over satellite. When used with most any modern weather software, GRIB files provide the information needed to know which way the wind is blowing, literally and metaphorically, and to provide helpful weather visualizations. Fun fact: GRIB stands for "General Regularly-distributed Information in Binary form" and is a WMO (World Meteorological Organization) standard format for archiving and exchanging gridded data.

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    Weather and Navigation Software over Satellite with RedPort Optimizer

    Looking for a different service? The RedPort Optimizer is the world’s leading independent satellite Wi-Fi router and firewall – and the device that enables you to use a whole host of weather and navigational software over satellite devices. Optimizer connects with almost any modern satellite phone or terminal, provides a Wi-Fi connection for easy access from laptops and mobile devices, with a powerful firewall to prevent runaway airtime usage. Pivotel enables a variety of marine software services for easy connectivity over satellite with RedPort devices. Current services and partners include:
  • Tracertrak - vessel tracking
  • GSatTrack - satellite telematics
  • Expedition Marine - marine navigation software
  • SeaView Fishing - commercial fishing software
  • Weather4D - weather forecasting
  • iNavX - navigation app
  • We also provide custom development for global corporate and governmental agencies who need to make their apps and services work over satellite. Contact us to learn more.

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