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Pivotel satellite phone subscribers get a local number that works just like their cell phone, letting them send and receive text messages exactly as they would with a local cellular phone. Other satellite phones providers use international numbers or complicated two-stage dialing. With Pivotel your local number is truly local - based on your address in the US, UK, Canada, or elsewhere. It’s all part of the Pivotel Advantage. 


  • Make and receive calls just like your cell phone
  • Have others call you easily just like your cell phone
  • Send and receive text messages just like your cell phone
  • Get calls affordably Callers pay standard rates - often free if calling from the same country just like your cell phone, and incoming calls are free to you on most plans. Calls to other satphones can cost the caller $4-10/minute
  • Your callers won't be blocked from networks that blocks international calls
  • Call other Pivotel satphones affordably Other providers charge high fees to call from Iridium to Inmarsat and vice versa. With Pivotel, the rates are the same as any other local number - because they are local numbers

To Send a Message

To send a message to a Pivotel satellite phone subscriber, simply use your mobile device to send a text message as  you would to any local cellular phone. Don’t have a way to send text messages? Use the form below. 

Send a message to a Pivotel customer anywhere in the world.

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