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Connected Everywhere


Keeping You Connected

We think mobile satellite solutions should be simple and cost effective. That's why we built our own unique ground network to connect you with unrivaled satellite solutions built with the world's most trusted mobile satellite networks.  It means we can give every one of our users faster, better and more flexible mobile solutions. In other words, we can provide connections that don’t just work—they excel. 


Growth Through Communication

Pivotel is consistent with meaningful communication. We maintain a culture of open communication within our team. We establish clear expectations and communicate what is expected of each employee. Our goal is to continuously improve and grow an environment of employees that love what they do where they do it.

Ask "What if ?"

Pivotel supports the continuous development of our employees. We watch for opportunities to teach, provide support, and further training. We want our employees to improve and grow while developing with the tools they need to succeed. We recognize our employees for their achievements and the quality of work they deliver. We encourage our employees to use their initiative and think outside the box to exceed expectations while meeting the needs of the company.

Right Fit. Right Product.

Pivotel’s culture intentionally finds and attracts the right team members for the betterment of the company. As employees grow and develop we make sure those team members are in the right role where they make the best use of their talents and skills. As a company continually developing new solutions we understand the realities of success and failure. Even through adversity, we support and provide constructive feedback to our employees. We succeed and fail together as a team.

Supporting Innovation

Pivotel team members always support one another. By collectively communicating and working through our day to day issues, we accomplish more goals individually and as a team for the betterment of Pivotel.

Love Your Work. Live Your Life

Pivotel wants its employees to be in roles that fit his or her lifestyle and work/life balance. We understand the balancing act between the company/customer needs and the needs our of employees. We want our team member to love your work and live your life.

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