Hughes 9202 BGAN Satellite Terminal

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Hughes 9202 BGAN Satellite Terminal

Global Rescue

Pivotel has partnered with Global Rescue to keep you connected with the safety, security, and telehealth services you need to stay safe wherever you are. You can contact Global Rescue directly from your Pivotel satellite phone.

Get medical advisory and security updates when you travel
Get medical evacuation and field rescue from experienced private responders due to illness or injury
Get Telehealth services for remote medical care and treatment plans
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PulsarĀ® Service Management Portal

Pulsar is a data management service that lets you monitor and control the data being used by your satellite services, helping you manage your network and control your costs. Best of all, it's included with any active data service as part of the Pivotel Advantage.


Key Features include:

Web-based self-service dashboard
Set usage thresholds with alerts and cost control limits
Real-time terminal and data information for troubleshooting
Self-manage firewall rules

Pulsar is included at no additional fee with the following active Pivotel services:


More Information
Plan Type Prepaid, Monthly , Annual
Coverage Area North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia & New Zealand
Maximum Data Speeds 201-500 Kbps
Satellite Service Inmarsat BGAN
Product Type Mobile Satellite Internet
Brand Hughes
Network Inmarsat
Global Rescue Yes
Pulsar Yes