Pivotel Satellite Phone Affiliate Program

Become a Pivotel Satellite Phone Affiliate and Earn Money

Do you have friends, followers, visitors, or customers who want reliable communications? You should be a Pivotel Affiliate. Become a Pivotel Affiliate and earn money every time a visitor uses your link to sign up for a free satellite phone.


  • World-class products, services, and support
  • Free satellite phones on qualifying plans
  • Generous upfront commission on each sale
  • Become an Affiliate

    Become an Affiliate

    What is the Pivotel Satellite Phone Affiliate Program?

    The Pivotel Satellite Affiliate Program lets you earn money every time a referral signs up for service and gets a free satellite phone. The success of the program is up to you. There are no minimums or caps - which means no limits on your earnings. Because Pivotel handles all aspects of the sale and support, there's nothing more that you need to do except continue promoting and earning.

    How Does It Work?

    1. Join the Program
    - Sign up now to get access and tell us where to send your payments.

    2. Promote Satellite Phones
    - Once approved, log in to your Affiliate page to get banners, links, and information on the program.
    - Share your link anywhere and everywhere – social media, email, newsletters, your own blog or site, etc. Share it however you communicate.

    3. Get Rewarded
    - Earn a generous upfront commission every time one of your referrals make an eligible purchase. There are no limits or caps on the amount you can earn.

    How Do I Get Started?

    Simply complete the form above. We'll review your application within one business day.
    Upon approval, you'll get a custom link that you can share. Any time someone uses that link to sign up for service and get their free satellite phone, you'll earn an upfront commission.

    How Does Pivotel Support My Contacts?

    Pivotel handles all aspects of the sale and support, so there's nothing more that you need to do except continue promoting and earning.

    How Much Can I Make?

    There are no limitations: no minimums and no caps. You get paid every time someone uses your link to sign up for qualifying service and get a free satellite phone.

    Who Should Become an Affiliate?

    Anyone who knows anyone who wants a free satellite phone with service. Satellite phone users are literally everywhere on land, at sea and in the air. Typical satellite usually fall into one of the categories below, (but maybe your contacts aren't typical.)

    On Land


  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Hikers
  • Hunters
  • ATV/Snowmobiles
  • RV/Van
  • Reliable Communications

  • Hurricane Communications
  • Earthquake Communications
  • Business Continuity
  • Prepared Communicators “Preppers”
  • Community and Faith-based organizations
  • Remote businesses

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Exploration
  • Oil & Gas
  • Rural businesses
  • On Sea

  • Sailing
  • Cruising
  • Sport Fishing
  • Coastal
  • Commercial

  • Commercial Fishing
  • Merchant Marine
  • Tugs and Ferries
  • In The Air

  • Bush Pilots
  • Experimental Aviation
  • Private Plane operators
  • General Aviation
  • What are Qualifying Services?

    Every time someone uses your affiliate/referral link (or code) to activate a qualifying service and get a free satellite phone, you earn a one-time payment. Qualifying services include the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 100 minute plan and the Iridium Extreme 100 minute plan, both of which provide users with a free satellite phone upon purchase.

    Can Existing Partners Also Become Affiliates?

    Yes, any active Pivotel Reseller, Dealer or Agent can also become an affiliate. Consult your Pivotel account manager for further details, or set up your account by using the form above.