Iridium Africa Prepaid Plan

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Iridium Africa Prepaid Plan

Iridium Africa 300 Min/ 12 Months Prepaid Plan Details

Standard Prepaid Voucher Unit(s) Cost
Iridium Africa 300 Min/ 12 Months Prepaid 7,200 $295.00
Standard Prepaid Usage Costs Unit Measurement Unit Cost
Voice - Iridium to Fixed/Cellular Per Minute 24
Voice - Iridium to Iridium/Voicemail Per Minute 18
Voice - Iridium to Other Satellite Network Per Minute 324
2-Stage Dialing Per Minute 36
Iridium Data Per Minute 24
Prepaid Balance Query (2888) Per Minute/Per Message No Charge
SMS (Short Msg Service) Per Message 12

2-Stage Dialing is a cost-cutting way of calling to an Iridium phone, from a landline or mobile. Please see our 2-stage dialing instructions for more information about this process.

Terms & Conditions

1. Maximum validity is 24 months. 2. Validity expressed in months actually represents the following number of days validity; 1 month is 30 days, 6 months is 183 days, 12 months is 365 days, 24 months is 730 days. 3. Minutes will expire 3 years from the day the voucher is applied. 4. When a SIM card runs out of validity it goes into an expired state. All remaining units are lost. There is a 270 day grace period in which to add a new voucher, before the SIM card becomes deactivated. 5. All prices are in USD dollars and exclude tax. 6. Pivotel America Inc. reserves the right to alter pricing at any time. 7. Geo-restricted vouchers can only be topped up using other geo-restricted vouchers of the same type. 8. Services using geo-restricted vouchers can convert to using standard or non-rechargeable prepaid vouchers by forfeiting all remaining call credit.
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